How to Install Carpets the Right Way

Choosing the right carpet for your home is just the first step. The next and the more important task is the installation process. Even if you’re not going to install the carpet yourself, it pays to know how it should be done right. Learn understand all the carpet installation techniques so you know exactly how to deal with carpet installation contractors. 

Assessing the quality of the carpet you want to buy is essential. You may also want to know all about the common carpet installation issues. The cost of installing the type of carpet you chose is also an important detail to consider. Here are some tips to help you out: 

1. Get help from a reputable carpet installation service provider.  

Begin everything by buying a carpet from a company with impeccable reviews. It’s best that you ask for a referral from the people that you know as well. Most carpet suppliers also offer installation services. If they don’t, they surely have a company that they can refer to you. Otherwise, you have to find your own service provider, which shouldn’t be difficult if you already know the basics of carpet installation. 

Work with service providers who can visit your home and take correct measurements of the entire area. They should also consider proper seam placements and transitions. Due to the restricted width of carpet rolls, most rooms will have a seam. It’s best that you have a diagram that shows where the transitions and seams will be before cutting carpet. It’s best that seams are placed under furniture to minimize it. 

2. Ask about all the carpet installation details. 

Be sure that you understand the warranty clause of your carpet. Reputable installers must follow all the instructions of the carpet manufacturer and adhere to the set industry standards so as not to void the warranty. Power stretching the carpet is highly recommended to prevent wrinkling. Small stretchers are usually employed to do minor repair jobs. Hire a reputable installer that uses the larger system. 

3. Learn how much it costs to install your carpet.  

Do not allow carpet installation service providers charge you some hidden charges. Some say that they offer low rates for installation and padding, but they usually charge hidden fees. Before hiring a carpet installer, ask which services they’ll provide and the charges for each. For instance, they may charge you for moving and replacing your furniture. Discarding old padding and carpeting may also cost you some. 

So, it’s best to assess if it’s necessary to remove molding and baseboards before your carpet can be installed. If you want to keep them, then you might have to pay extra for that, too. Other services may also cost you extra, such as patching and touch-up painting. 

4. Carefully plan the installation. 

Ideally, carpet installation comes next after painting, installing wallpapers, or doing similar home remodeling task. But before removing your old carpet, be sure to vacuum it first to reduce its dirt and dust content. Ask if the carpet installers can handle the vacuuming of the sub-floor or if that’s something that you also need to do. During the carpet installation process, be sure to open all doors and windows. You should also run the exhaust fan or operate your HVAC system to provide adequate ventilation. 

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