Installing a Metal Roof Over Shingles 

A brand-new metal roof is a pricey investment. It makes it reasonable that you would want to look for opportunities to save money. Some homeowners attempt this by covering their existing asphalt shingle roof with a brand-new metal roof. Even while this is conceivable in some situations, there are drawbacks. Because of this, I want to explain the issues with installing a metal roof over a shingle roof to you according to the best roofing near me

1. Bad roof decking cannot be replaced. 

The hardwood planks that form the structure of your entire roof system are called roof decking. When you receive a new roof, the old one is pulled off to the decking. This is an opportunity for your roofing professional to check the roof decking for rotting or broken boards. The issue is that when you place a metal roof over an asphalt roof, there is no chance to evaluate the decking. 

2. The shingles’ and metal’s combined weight 

As I previously stated, you must determine whether the roof decking on your current building can support the installation of a new roof. However, since you can’t inspect it, you can have decaying or cracked boards that aren’t visible. The issue is that you already have a shingle roof and are ready to cover it with a metal roof. This significantly increases the weight that your decking and house must support. 

3. Replacement of vital roofing components 

A roof replacement is the opportunity to replace outdated roofing materials and components worn out. Since the tear-off procedure is skipped, you miss out on this opportunity when installing a metal roof over shingles. 

4. It will be challenging to find and fix leaks in the future 

Finding a roof leak, tracking it down, and fixing it requires expertise. But when you place a metal roof over shingles, achieving this is significantly more challenging. If water enters between your metal panels, it will follow the route of least resistance down your old asphalt roof and begin to seep into your house. The leak could originate from two separate areas of two distinct tops, which makes it challenging to fix. 

Finding the source of the leak in your old or new metal roof becomes exceedingly difficult. If it is your old shingle roof, the roofing contractor must fix it through the metal roof. 

5. You’re concealing issues with an old roof that won’t go away. 

The final issue on this list refers to the first four issues we discussed. This is just the simple fact that simply adding a metal roof won’t make difficulties or concerns with your previous shingle roof magically disappear. 

If an issue with your asphalt shingle roof is ignored, it will still exist when water leaks through the metal roof. This implies that you’ll shell out even more money to solve a problem that isn’t certain to go away for good.  After all, you hid an asphalt shingle roof that was getting close to or past its prime. The previous top has so served its purpose and done its job.